Hair Care Shampoo

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  • Infused with hair growth ingredients that help growing hair amazingly long.
  • Makes hair grow longer and faster in a time period.
  • No wait is required or years when you can have long and healthy hair now.
  • Eclipta alba(Bhringraj) extract is potential for hair growth promotion.

The shampoo is specially formulated with balanced ingredients which restore the natural balance and nourish the hair making it soft, long & strong. The shampoo strengthens the hair and makes it smooth, glossy and gives incredible shine. Cleanse hair in polluted and harsh weather, it removes excess dust and dirt from the hair and scalp. Presence of Aloe Vera stops hair loss and control turning hair grey, it’s Aloe Vera helps to fight against dandruff, flaky scalp disease, cleanses dead cells to prevent dandruff and repairs damaged hairs.

Emblica (Amla) contains miraculous properties that are very beneficial to the scalp, hair, and skin. It is used as a cleansing agent, which effective to protect the scalp from dandruff, strengthening hair roots and preventing hair loss, as well as prevention of prematurely gray hair.

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