Go Fresh Moisturizing Body Lotion

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Latest combination of nature in moisturizing cream in Efra Halal

Go Fresh Body Lotion that makes your skin active and fresh.

Natural body lotion for daily usage with activated soothing ingredients which powers your skin with its miraculous moisturizing effect. This lotion leaves the skin feeling dewy and soft.

Key ingredients:

Lemon has citric acid which lightens your skin, dark spot and gives glowing skin.
Aloe Vera has antioxidant and antibacterial properties, prevent wrinkles reduces and lighten blemishes and work as the natural moisturizer.
Cucumber helps in revitalizing the skin, reverses skin tanning, controls puffiness of the eyes, helps to soothe sunburn, rejuvenates skin, treat open pores, fights cellulite, reduces dark circles.
It hydrates the skin and keeps it soft and smooth all through the day. you can pick this one as best moisturizer for oily skin


  • Spreads easily on skin with an amazing cooling sensation.
  • Nourishes and adds freshness to the skin.
  • Because of its light and flexible texture, you can use this moisturizer any time of the day
  • Feel the sensational fragrance after applying!
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