Fairness Facewash

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This fairness face wash is a masterpiece in its formulation.

This face wash is uniquely designed to bring fairness and energetic look on your face.

Due to increasing pollution day by day in our surroundings, the skin is getting fader and drier. Our fairness face wash is a solution to your problem.

Active ingredients of this face wash remove oils, pollution, and dust particles and glow your skin from inside.

Soothing ingredients of this face wash keeps your skin moisturized.

Boosting ingredients of this face wash gives your face energetic look.


  • Fairness Face Wash removes unwanted oils and dust from your skin
  • Fairness Face Wash is a solution to pollution
  • Fairness Face Wash for fairness and energetic glowing skin
  • This face wash is smooth and mild on skin with rich lather for fine spreading with amazing fragrance.

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