Brightup ToothPaste



Get ready for a morning that brings clean and fresh together in a single pack of Efra Halal Bright up toothpaste. Nowhere else can you experience the clean and teeth whitening you expect from Efra Halal Bright up with the added zing of freshness. It is the perfect chemistry that lets you find the spark in every situation.

With the beautiful combination of our Nine natural key ingredients mixed in significant percentages that make our toothpaste premium fine quality which comes with a guarantee of improvements.

This is the best natural toothpaste which fights oral problems with nature’s shield formed by its natural ingredients.

The SLS (sodium laureth sulfate ) free toothpaste ensure that your teeth are safe from harmful sulfate.

And the concept of fluoride free toothpaste saves you from adverse affects of fluoride resulting in yellowing of teeth.

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