Body Wash Natural Cleanser

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Get ready to witness harmony and splendor and boost your daily bath with delightful fragrance with Efra halal BODY WASH.

This body wash comes with natural cleanser with marvelous natural ingredients Mighty Olives, great avocado and perfect green tea makes it best natural body wash

This is the most outstanding combination to energize your bath with antibacterial body wash.

Olive enriched with Vitamin E, protects skin from premature aging and keeps it soft.

Avocado cleanses and nourishes the skin giving a fresh youthful look.

Green tea improves skin complexion, heals blemishes and scars, fight aging signs, prevents from sun damage, treats acne and pimples. Green tea’s antioxidant property is key to its skin-protective qualities.

All the properties make it best shower gel, best moisturizing body wash.

Grab your’s today!

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